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ZJ Beny Three Phase Solar DLB Module

$525.00 (inc. GST)

Three-phase solar modules are designed to generate electricity from sunlight and are commonly used in large-scale commercial and industrial applications. These modules typically consist of a larger number of photovoltaic cells connected in series and parallel to form a solar panel. The power output of a three-phase solar module depends on factors such as the number and efficiency of the cells, the surface area of the module, and the amount of sunlight the module receives.

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  • BCP-B2-L Untethered Version
  • BCP Series EV chargers have an IP55 patented design case for outdoor& indoor use.
  • Standard RFID card function
  • The AV EV charger output power can be adjusted from 6A all the way up to 32A
  • EXCLUDING DLB Dynamic Load Balance monitor module
  • Optional WIFI & mobile APP controlling function