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WattMaster Universal Crimper with 5 Dies

$147.22 (inc. GST)

The WattMaster Universal Crimper with 5 Dies is a versatile tool designed for crimping a wide variety of electrical connectors, including insulated and non-insulated terminals, lugs, and connectors. The tool comes with five different interchangeable dies that can be used to crimp connectors ranging in size from 0.5mm to 35mm.

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• Quick release crimping tool for pre-insulated, non-insulated and
bootlace terminals
• Also suitable for crimping open barrel terminals (sold separately)
• Dies can be changed within seconds
• Hardened die sets, ratchet mechanism
• Crimper supplied with WATK005-1308, WATK005-1516, WATK005-1333, WATK005-1618, WATK005-1396 dies

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1500 g


20 × 10 mm