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WattMaster (Marvel style) Cross-Cut Linesman Pliers 200mm, 1000V Rated

$64.00 (inc. GST)

WattMaster Cross-Cut Linesman Pliers are a type of electrical pliers that are designed for cutting and stripping wires and cables. The 200mm size refers to the overall length of the tool, which is approximately 8 inches. The 1000V rating means that these pliers are capable of safely handling electrical currents up to 1000 volts.



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    • Machine polished blades cut cable without distortion
    • Built-in terminal crimping die on the handle side of pivot
    • Cross hatch nose grip helps grip thin materials easily
    • Heat-Treated
    • Heavy duty comfort handle grips
    • Sharp-edged cutting section
    • For cutting TPS cable and circular cable
    • Cuts copper cable only; not designed to cut steel
    • 2.6mm² diameter x 3 wire flat cable
    • Up to 25mm² Copper Wire
    • 1.25 - 2mm² Non-Insulated Terminals
    • Grips: Moulded Vinyl
    • Head: Drop-forged Carbon SteelCutting capacities:
    • rips: Moulded Vinyl
    • Head: Drop-forged Carbon Steel
    • Cutting capacities:
      • F Cable (DIN): max:4.0mm x 3
      • F Cable (JIS): max:2.6mm x 3
      • IV Cable(DIN):
      • IV Cable(JIS):
    • Cramping capacities:
      • (JIS): 1.25 ~
      • (DIN): 2.5 ~

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