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Wallbox Commander 2 Charger 22kW Three Phase 32A with 5m Cable and Type 2 Plug (Black)

$2,490.00 (inc. GST)

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Wallbox Commander 2

The robust Wallbox Commander 2 is one of our most versatile 22kW home chargers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, convenient Display and app control. Includes the possibility for Load Balancing and Panel Sharing. For cars with different charging capacities, this is a suitable option. The charging capacity is determined by the battery charger in your car and by your mains connection.

With Type 2 fixed charging cable

This Wallbox is standard equipped with a fixed 5-metre type 2 charging cable. Due to the fixed cable, it is no longer necessary to remove the cable from the trunk every time. All you have to do is grab the plug out of the holder and put it in the car to start charging.

Applicable to 1-phase and 3-phase connections

This smart Wallbox charging station is suitable for charging your car with up to 3x32A (22 kW), but you can set it in values between 6A and 32A so that this charging station can be easily applicable to any mains connection and deliver different charging power. This allows you to charge any electric car!

The Wallbox Commander 2 supports both 1-phase and 3-phase charging and is compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase power connections. But, in order to use more than 7.4 kW power, you will need a 3-phase electricity connection.

Advantages of the Wallbox Commander 2:

  • No subscription for the use of charging point management and app services
  • Includes fixed Type 2 charging cable
  • Easy to operate using the 7 inch touchscreen
  • Avoid access by using your personal charging pass
  • Connection to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LAN. And can be expanded with a GSM module for mobile communication
  • Connectivity via the Wallbox app
  • Lower installation costs due to integrated DC detection
  • Expand with Dynamic Load Balancing
  • the possibility of automatically setting charge costs through a back office, for the benefit of lease or business drivers.

    No subscription, but connectivity

    This charger does not require a back office subscription. You can manage via the Wallbox app, via the myWallbox portal.

    MyWallbox portal

    Configure, monitor, and manage your Pulsar Plus from the myWallbox portal via a mobile app or web portal. The myWallbox portal gives you real-time information about consumption, charging time, and energy costs. You can set up the payload and lock (and unlock) the charging station to prevent abuse.

    The Wallbox Commander 2 can connect via Bluetooth, WIFI and LAN. And is optional to equip with a GSM module for mobile data communication by 3G. This makes it possible to receive on-the-go information when you reach the charging station. Features such as activating charging sessions, understanding energy consumption and charging costs and automatic software updates make the Wallbox Pulsar the smartest - and smallest - charging station on the market. The MyWallbox platform is a personal digital environment that allows you to check charging sessions, manage your charging station and access services such as Smart Charging

    Wallbox app for smartphone and tablet

    You can view and manage all device settings from your mobile phone or tablet via the Wallbox app. The app's functions include setting the charging current, locking and unlocking the charging station, scheduling charging sessions (for example, at the time when the energy price is lower) and more.

    Planning loading sessions

    You can schedule the loading with your Wallbox Pulsar Plus. You can use the app to set up the times your charger may or may not charge actively. For example, if you use peak and valley rates for your energy consumption, you can set your car to only charge during the valley rates. This charges your electric car at a lower rate.

    Block usage

    The touchscreen or the app allows you to block the charging point if you are not at home, for example. It is also possible to charge only certain charging cards to the charging point and thus exclude others.

    Dynamic Load Balancing with optional Power Boost function

    The Power Boost function ensures that you use the maximum residual current within your current power connection to charge your car as quickly as possible. And all this without worrying if your stop or the main fuse will fly out. Is your washing machine on? Then the car loads less quickly. In practice, the charging station is continuously in contact with a smart module in the meter box. This module continuously monitors how much power is available at that time. All electrical appliances in the house take precedence over the charging station. The remaining capacity is available for charging the car. In this way, the power connection is made safe and optimal ly and avoids overload.

    Eco-Smart Solar EV Charging

    Introducing Eco-Smart Solar EV Charging, intelligence that makes your Wallbox charger a key part of any sustainable home energy system. Use the green energy generated from your solar panels or wind turbines at home to charge your electric vehicle in the most efficient and sustainable way. With two modes to choose from, you decide when to go fully green or charge with a mix of green and grid energy. The Eco-Smart feature comes standard with Pulsar Plus and Copper SB models when equipped with the optional Power Boost function (load balancing).


    Full-Green Mode

    Use exclusively green energy to charge your car. Full-Green mode will detect when there is enough surplus green energy available at your home to meet the minimum requirements needed to power your car. That’s when your car will begin charging, meaning every charge is 100% green.

    Eco  Mode

    Minimize the use of grid power while charging your EV by combining it with any surplus green energy available. Eco mode detects the green energy that is not being used elsewhere in your home in real-time and mixes it with energy from the grid to ensure a fast, efficient charge.



    We wallbox is very easy to install but we always recommend having a trained specialist do this.

    Where does the wallbox come from

    Wallbox is and Spanish tech starts up with the main goal of designing, producing and distributing innovative charging systems to support the advent of sustainable transport. ... Wallbox is aimed at helping the EV industry to make electric and plug-in hybrid cars an attractive alternative to more traditional ways of transport.


Additional information


Max 3 phase (also supports 1-2 phase installations)


Max 32A

Max Charging Speed in km/h

122 km/hour

Dimensions (lxbxh in mm)


Cable length (in meters)

5 meter

Max Charging Speed in kW

Up to 22kW

Plug type Car side

Type 2

Plug type Charge station side

Type 2

Cable Attached or Socket

Cable Attached



Network Technologies Supported

Wifi, Bluetooth and LAN (optional: 3G modem with SIM-card)

Mobile app Support


Scheduled Charging

Yes, via app and cloud services



RFID reader


Load Balancing

Yes, load balancing via optional Power Booster