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Victron Wall Mount Enclosure for BMV or MPPT Control

$40.91 (inc. GST)

The Victron Wall Mount Enclosure for BMV or MPPT Control is a protective enclosure designed to house a Victron Battery Monitor (BMV) or a Victron MPPT Control, providing durable construction, a locking mechanism, wall-mount design, compatibility with the BMV or MPPT Control, and a professional appearance for use in commercial and industrial settings.

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  Rectangular panels Round panels Rectangular panels Round panels and Rectangular panels
Dimensions (h x w x d in mm) 88 x 130 x 40 88 x 130 x 47 163 x 135 x 72 244 x 135 x 75
Article code Product Suitable for:
BPA000100000R Battery Alarm GX      
REC000200000R Skylla-i Control GX      
DMC000200000R Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX      
BAM010700000 Battery Monitor BMV-700    
BAM010702000 Battery Monitor BMV-702    
SCC900500000 MPPT Control    
BPP000300100R Color Control GX    
BPP000200100R VE.Net Blue Power Panel GX    


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