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Victron VE.Can to CAN-Bus BMS Type B Cable – 1.8m

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The Victron VE.Can to CAN-Bus BMS Type B Cable – 1.8m is a cable used to connect a Victron VE.Can device to a CAN-Bus BMS Type B. This cable is 1.8 meters long and is designed to be used with Victron products that utilize the VE.Can protocol.

The VE.Can protocol is a communication protocol developed by Victron Energy that allows for the exchange of information between Victron devices. The CAN-Bus BMS Type B is a battery management system that utilizes the CAN-Bus protocol to communicate with other devices in a battery system.

By using the VE.Can to CAN-Bus BMS Type B Cable, you can connect Victron products, such as inverters or battery chargers, to a battery system that is managed by a CAN-Bus BMS Type B. This allows for better control and monitoring of the battery system, as well as more efficient use of energy.

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Use these VE.Can to CAN-bus cables to connect a CAN-bus enabled battery to a GX device. - Type B
Battery Brands typically for Type B:

  •  LG Chem Resu
  • AXIstorage
  • BMZ
  • Pylontech


Type B Pin-out

Function Victron VE.Can side Battery side
GND Pin 3 Pin 2
CAN-L Pin 8 Pin 5
CAN-H Pin 7 Pin 4