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Victron Shunt 6000A/50mV-0,5 / 5xM10

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The Victron Shunt 6000A/50mV is a heavy-duty shunt designed to measure very high electrical currents flowing through a circuit. It has a maximum current capacity of 6000A, which makes it suitable for use in industrial applications where large currents need to be monitored.

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Like the other shunts, the 6000A/50mV shunt has a voltage output of 50mV, which means that for every ampere of current that flows through the shunt, there will be a voltage drop of 50mV across it. This voltage drop can be measured using a voltmeter, and the current flowing through the circuit can be calculated using Ohm's law.

The shunt has five M10 bolt terminals for connecting the load or battery bank cables, which provides more flexibility for installation. It also has a half-inch (0.5) threaded hole on each side, which can be used to mount the shunt to a suitable surface.

Overall, the Victron Shunt 6000A/50mV is a rugged and reliable device that is commonly used in high-power applications such as large-scale solar power systems, industrial machinery, and electric vehicle charging stations. It allows for accurate monitoring of very high electrical currents, which is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of these systems.