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Victron Shunt 1000A/50mV-0,5 / 2xM10

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The Victron Shunt 1000A/50mV is a device that is designed to measure the electrical current flowing through a circuit. It has a maximum current capacity of 1000A and a voltage output of 50mV, which means that for every ampere of current that flows through the shunt, there will be a voltage drop of 50mV across it.

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The shunt is typically installed in series with the load or battery bank that needs to be monitored. The voltage drop across the shunt is then measured using a voltmeter, and the current flowing through the circuit can be calculated using Ohm's law (I = V/R, where I is current, V is voltage, and R is resistance).

The shunt has two M10 bolt terminals for connecting the load or battery bank cables. It also has a half-inch (0.5) threaded hole on each side, which can be used to mount the shunt to a suitable surface.

Overall, the Victron Shunt 1000A/50mV is a reliable and accurate device that is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including solar power systems, marine electronics, and automotive systems.