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Victron Phoenix Inverter 24/1600 Smart (24VDC to 230VAC)

$1,250.00 (inc. GST)

Victron Inverters – Inverter 24V 230V Smart – Phoenix Inverter 24/1600 230V Smart

The same proven technology included in the Victron Phoenix range, powers the Victron Inverter Smart range.

Other features available via Bluetooth and the VictronConnect app include;

  • Switch the device on (normal or ECO) and off via Bluetooth.
  • Configure alarms, alarm relay, voltage cut-off, output voltage, frequency, eco-mode.
  • Full monitoring system (Note that alarms and errors are only shown when the app is active).
  • Save product settings to a file so that they can be loaded onto the Victron product you are connected to …or another product, at a later time.
  • Share settings – share the current product settings with other products, using your device.
  • Firmware updates – an internet connection is not required as the latest firmware files are already loaded inside VictronConnect app, on your phone/tablet/laptop. When updating the app, all firmware files are automatically updated.
  • Video Library – VictronConnect contains a library with demonstration settings for all the supported products. Discover the full capability of your product.

Weighing around 12kg the slimline construction, with accessible terminals and BlueTooth capabilities, means the inverter can be neatly installed in an out of the way place.

Powering your most common appliances the Phoenix Inverter Smart incorporates a toroidal transformer ensuring a reliable and efficient design with high surge capability. With pure sine-wave technology you are guaranteed cleaner power [closely resembling utility supplied electricity] which is ideal for efficiently powering electronics that use AC motors [refrigerators, compressors, and microwave ovens]. Audible and electrical noise is minimized. Power consumption is more efficient, and your appliances are protected against short-circuit, and overheating.

Peak Power capability [High-startup power] – around twice its ‘continuous’ rating ensures supply is adequate for high inrush loads such as power converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or electric tools.

Available models include 1600VA and 2000VA  for 12, 24 or 48V systems and there are several optional connections available such as Remote on/off switch and Remote Control Panel.

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