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Victron Energy Meter ET340 – 3 Phase 65A per Phase

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The Victron Energy Meter ET340 is a 3 phase energy meter designed to measure the energy consumption of a three-phase electrical system. It is a highly accurate device that provides real-time information on energy usage and can be used with Victron Energy products to monitor and manage energy consumption.

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Victron 3 phase energy meter:

The ET112 (for single phase max. 100A) and the ET340 (for three phase max. 65A) Energy Meters are typically used in an Energy Storage System. The EM24 is for 3 phase monitoring only. To measure the power and energy of the whole application at the distribution box. Or to measure the output of a PV Inverter, to display the data on the Color Control GX and the VRM Portal.

Some features of the Victron Energy Meter ET340 include:

  • High Accuracy: The ET340 meter is highly accurate, with a measurement accuracy of up to +/- 0.5%.
  • Easy to Install: The meter is easy to install, with no complex wiring required. Simply connect the meter to the electrical system using the included CT sensors.
  • Real-time Information: The meter provides real-time information on energy consumption for each phase, allowing users to monitor and manage their energy usage effectively.
  • Flexible Communication: The meter features an RS485 port, which allows for flexible communication with Victron Energy products and other devices.
  • Multiple Device Support: The meter can be used with a wide range of Victron Energy products, including battery chargers, inverters, and solar charge controllers, allowing for comprehensive energy monitoring and management.
  • Three-phase monitoring: The meter is designed to measure energy consumption in a three-phase electrical system, with a maximum current of 65A per phase, making it suitable for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications.


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