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Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700

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The Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700 is a device that allows you to monitor the status of your battery bank in real-time. It can measure the voltage, current, and temperature of your battery bank, and provide you with important information such as the state of charge, time remaining until the battery is fully charged or discharged, and the amount of energy consumed or produced.

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The BMV monitors the voltage and current of a single battery bank and calculates power, state-of-charge, and time-to-go. Data can be transferred to smartphones or computers with the optional Bluetooth dongle and external alarms can be triggered with the relay contact.

Installation is simply a case of connecting the supplied shunt in the negative battery cable, mounting the monitor in a 52mm diameter hole and connecting the wires. An optional wall enclosure is available if surface mounting is preferred.

Whats in the box?

  • BMV 700 battery monitor
  • 500A shunt and adapter board
  • 10m cable to connect shunt to BMV
  • Positive voltage sense wire with fuse


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