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Victron Anti-Islanding Box 63A Single & Three Phase

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The Victron Anti-Islanding Box 63A is a safety device designed to prevent the risk of islanding in single and three-phase grid-tied solar energy systems. Islanding occurs when solar panels continue to generate power even if the grid goes down, and this can pose a safety risk to utility workers who are working to restore power to the grid.

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The Anti-Islanding Box 63A single and three-phase is a combination of an anti-islanding device, the Ziehl UFR1001E, two in-line contactors and a main circuit breaker. It is suitable for both single-phase or 3 phase systems. It is rated up to 63A per phase and all parts are conveniently housed in an IP65 rated enclosure.

The Anti-Islanding Box can be added to a grid-feeding inverter/charger system (ESS) to meet local anti-islanding regulations.

Some benefits of the Victron Anti-Islanding Box 63A include:

  • Compliance with Safety Standards: The Anti-Islanding Box 63A ensures compliance with safety standards, preventing the risk of islanding and protecting the safety of utility workers.
  • Easy Installation: The Anti-Islanding Box 63A includes all necessary components in a single enclosure, simplifying installation and reducing installation time and cost.
  • Integrated Surge Protection: The Anti-Islanding Box 63A includes surge protection to protect the inverter and other components of the system from damage caused by power surges.
  • High-Quality Components: The Anti-Islanding Box 63A includes high-quality components, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of the solar energy system.
  • Versatile Design: The Anti-Islanding Box 63A is available in both single and three-phase versions, making it suitable for a wide range of solar energy systems.