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Ve.Direct Cable 10M (One Side Right Angle Conn)

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10 Metres • One Side Right Angle Connection

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The Ve.Direct Cable 10M with One Side Right Angle Connector is a high-quality cable designed for use with Victron Energy products. With a length of 10 meters (33 feet), it offers plenty of flexibility for positioning your devices in your setup. The cable features a right-angle connector on one end, allowing for a more compact and streamlined installation in tight spaces.

This cable is specifically designed for use with Victron Energy's Ve.Direct products, which include solar chargers, battery monitors, inverters, and other equipment that use the Ve.Direct communication protocol. The cable is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance even in harsh environments.

The Ve.Direct Cable 10M with One Side Right Angle Connector is an essential accessory for any Victron Energy setup that uses Ve.Direct products. With its high-quality construction and convenient design, it makes it easy to connect and configure your devices for optimal performance.

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