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Tindo Solar Panel – 330W 60 Cell Mono P Type Black Frame 40mm

$265.00 (inc. GST)

 The Tindo Kara 330P Solar Panels incorporates Full Square Mono PERC Cells (G1-158.75mm) and has been designed with appearance in mind. The black square cells, with black frames and thinner wires give an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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  • High Efficiency and Performance - Featuring 60 solar cells and a 19.8% module efficiency, the Tindo Karra 330P mono solar panel (square mono PERC) generates more power output than conventional mono-crystalline solar panels.The Tedlar® based backsheets used in this module provide critical, long-life protection, safeguarding the system and enabling long-term PV system returns. In harsh climates, it offers the best protection from UV, thermal, moisture, mechanical and chemical stress.
  • Proven Field Performance - Our panels are mounted and performing everyday at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre in Alice Springs. The Karra series panels are consistently one of the highest performing panels at the centre.
  • Maximum Cost Reductions - Much lower logistics costs due to our modules being made in South Australia with flexible module numbers per pallet on request.
  • Project Flexibility - We have also updated our traditional MC4 connectors on the Karra 330P module to MC4-EVO 2 Staubli connectors increasing the panels rating to 1500V making it ideal for both commercial and residential applications.
  • PID Resistance - Polyolefin Encapsulant is superior to the traditional EVA encapsulant used in so ar panels. As a result the panel is more PID resistant, it is more inert which prevents corrosion, it has better UV protection giving the module better lifespan and it has better thermo-mechanical properties for better performance in the field.
  • Low-light Performance - Advanced glass and solar cell surface texturing allow for optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent lowlight and temperature behaviour.

Additional information

Cell Count

60 Cell

Frame Colour


Frame Thickness

40 mm


330 Watt

Weight (kg)


Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)