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Pramac Wheel Kit for P6000/9000/12000 – Reinforced

$351.00 (inc. GST)

The Pramac Wheel Kit for P6000/9000/12000 is easy to install and remove, allowing for quick and effortless transport of the generator whenever needed. The kit is compatible with the P6000, P9000, and P12000 generator models, and it is suitable for a variety of applications, including construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency backup power.

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The Pramac Wheel Kit for P6000/9000/12000 is a set of wheels and handles designed to make the transportation of the P6000, P9000, and P12000 generators produced by Pramac more convenient and effortless.

This reinforced wheel kit is an upgrade to the standard wheel kit that comes with the generator, providing added durability and stability when moving the generator across rough terrain or uneven surfaces. The kit includes two heavy-duty wheels, two reinforced handles, and all the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

The wheels are made of high-quality rubber, providing excellent traction and grip on various surfaces. They are mounted on a sturdy axle that can withstand the weight of the generator, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even on rough terrain. The handles are reinforced with steel for added strength and durability, allowing for easy maneuvering of the generator.

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