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PGK Ratchet MC4 Crimping Tool (2-6mm)

$31.73 (inc. GST)

The PGK Ratchet MC4 Crimping Tool is a high-quality tool designed for crimping MC4 solar panel connectors. It is capable of crimping connectors ranging in size from 2mm to 6mm, making it a versatile tool suitable for a range of electrical applications.

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Alvolta MC4 Crimper:

Part of the Alvolta Tool range is the MC4 Solar Crimping Tool
This Alvolta solar crimping tools is an industrial quality Multi-Contact tool for crimping MC4 Male and Female Solar contacts. To crimp 26-10AWG pins (2.5-6.0mm2). This professional crimper controlled by a mechanism that will not release the terminal until adequate pressure has been applied. The system additionally features a jaw release override for the instance of mistaken wire placement or a defective terminal. Dies included for MC-4 Solar Connectors 2.5-6.0mm2. Durable, long life, Unique design, Easy to use. Applicable to most types of non-insulated crimp terminals and connectors. Ergonomic designed ABS handle with double colour. Light and compact design ensure perfect crimping effect.



  • 1.2 metric tones pressure with minimal hand effort
  •  Precision locator for terminal positions

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2.5 – 6mm2