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Noark Ex9BP-N – Two Pole DC Circuit Breaker – 10A (10kA)

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NOARK DC miniature circuit breakers are non-polarised and suitable for short-circuit and overload protection of general direct current applications up to 10 A, in solar, automation, control, telecommunications, and many other DC circuit applications.

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The Noark Ex9BP-N is a two-pole DC circuit breaker with a rating of 10A and a short circuit interrupting capacity of 10kA. It is designed for use in low voltage DC circuits, such as those found in solar power systems, battery banks, and other DC power applications.

DC circuit breakers are designed to protect DC circuits from overcurrents, short circuits, and other electrical faults. The Noark Ex9BP-N breaker uses a thermal-magnetic trip mechanism to detect overloads and short circuits, and can interrupt the circuit in the event of a fault to protect the circuit and connected equipment.

The 10A rating of the Noark Ex9BP-N indicates that it can safely carry a continuous current of up to 10 amps. The 10kA short circuit interrupting capacity means that the breaker can safely interrupt a short circuit of up to 10,000 amps.

The two-pole configuration of the Noark Ex9BP-N breaker means that it can protect two separate circuits simultaneously, making it a convenient and space-saving solution for multi-circuit DC applications.

  • Overall, the Noark Ex9BP-N breaker is a high-quality and reliable component that is designed to provide effective protection for DC circuits. It is suitable for use in a wide range of low voltage DC applications and is built to withstand the demands of harsh operating environments.

Additional information


2 (180VDC per pole)

Current Rating (A)


Voltage (Max.)


Voltage (Min.)


Rated Breaking Capacity


Curve Type


Rated Insulation Voltage (VDC) Ui


Terminal Capacity

35 mm²

Terminal Torque (Nm)



35mm Din Rail

IP Rating (All sides/terminals)

IP40 / 20


IEC/EN/AS60947-2, SAA101238EA