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Hager SBR390 – Three Pole Main Switch – 100A

$67.50 (inc. GST)

he Hager SBR390 is a three-pole main switch with a current rating of 100A.

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As a main switch, it is designed to be used as the main disconnecting switch in an electrical circuit, providing a safe means of turning off the power to the circuit for maintenance, repair or emergency purposes.

The three poles in the switch refer to the three conductive paths that can be switched on or off simultaneously. This means that all three phases of a three-phase electrical supply can be switched off at once, providing a safe means of isolating the electrical supply.

The 100A rating of the switch refers to its maximum current-carrying capacity. It can safely handle a maximum load of 100 amps of electrical current without overheating or sustaining damage.

Overall, the Hager SBR390 is a robust and reliable main switch that provides a high level of safety and protection for electrical circuits.

Additional information

Tightening torque


Rated operational voltage Ue

400 V

Number of poles

3 P

Type of connection

with screw

Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor

6 / 35mm²

Connection cross-sect. rigid cable

6 / 50mm²

Electrical durability at nominal load in AC22 in operating cycles


European directive WEEE



50/60 Hz

Operating temperature

-20…50 °C

Storage/transport temperature

-40…80 °C

Protection index IP


Type of pole

3 P