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Hager JP011 – Switchboard Pole Filler – Single Pole (Pack of 5)

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The Hager JP011 Switchboard Pole Filler is a component used in electrical switchboards to fill unused space in the panel. It is a single pole filler, meaning it is designed to fill one pole space in the switchboard. The pack contains five fillers.

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These fillers are typically made of plastic and are designed to fit into the pole spaces in the switchboard to provide insulation and protect against accidental contact with live electrical components.

The Hager JP011 fillers are designed to be used with Hager switchboards, but may also be compatible with other brands. It is important to ensure that the filler is compatible with your specific switchboard before installation.

  • Overall, the Hager JP011 Switchboard Pole Filler is a useful component for ensuring the safety and functionality of an electrical switchboard.

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