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Fuse holder 6-way for MEGA-fuse

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A 6-way fuse holder for MEGA-fuses is a device that can hold up to six MEGA-fuses, each of which can protect a separate circuit in an electrical system. This type of fuse holder is commonly used in applications where multiple high amperage circuits need to be protected, such as in automotive and marine applications.

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Victron 6-way AMG/MEGA fuse holder:

Victron's AMG/MEGA fuse power distribution module is used for main branch primary fusing and accepts up to 6 industry standard AMG (mega) fuses. Using a common input bus bar, it requires just one input connection to power all fuses, providing efficient power distribution suitable for challenging applications in caravans, motor homes, marine or dual battery installations.

Besides an assortment of ANL, MIDI and MEGA fuses, Victron also feature three different types of fuse holders:

- Simple single fuse holders for each of above fuse types.

- A six-way fuse holder, MEGA fuses only.

- Modular single fuse holders, for MEGA fuses only. With an optional busbar accessory to efficiently connect multiple fuses together.
For a full list of available parts, refer to the Victron website. For more technical information, see the respective datasheets. Besides the above fuse holders, we also have the Lynx Power In and the Lynx Distributor, part of the Lynx 1000 Amp distribution system.

Additional information

Max current:


Max voltage:

70V DC

Terminal diameter/height:


Terminal & hex nut material:

Galvanised steel

Busbar strip material:

Tin plated copper (3x18mm)

Base material:

ABS, Black UL-rated 94V0 thermoplastic

Cover material:

Clear polycarbonate, UL 94 HB

Dimensions with cover (HxWxD):



Datasheet-Fuse-holder-6-way-MEGA-fuse-ENVictron CIP050060000 spec sheet-