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Energizer Everest 1100 Pure Sine Wave Power Station

$2,190.00 (inc. GST)

The Everest 1100 is made to be taken on longer trips and off grid getaways. It can charge various of devices under 1166Wh. To see the full specifications, please click the menu below and go to your correct region.

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The Everest 1100 has all the power you need to support you on your camping trip, with 1166 watt hours of capacity, the Everest 1100 can power microwave ovens, water cookers, blenders, coffee makers, camping heaters, LCD TV’s and power tools up to 1000W power. With multiple outlets and a direct solar panel port, the Everest 1100 is a great addition to long off road getaways.

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Energizer Hard Case Professional

AC Output

230V/50Hz 1000W max. AC port 1 & 2



DC Output



ABS plastic and polycarbonate