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Dual Terminal Stud M8-linked set (1 red/1 black)

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A dual terminal stud M8-linked set typically includes one red and one black terminal stud, which are used to connect and distribute power in various electrical applications. These stud sets are designed with M8 threaded studs on both ends, allowing for easy installation and secure attachment to devices. The red and black color-coding helps distinguish positive and negative connections, reducing the risk of incorrect wiring and improving safety. Dual terminal stud sets are commonly used in automotive, marine, and industrial applications, where reliable and efficient power distribution is essential.

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The dual terminal stud M8-linked set (1 red/1 black) offers several features and benefits, including:


  • M8 threaded studs on both ends for easy installation and secure attachment.
  • Red and black color-coding to distinguish positive and negative connections.
  • Made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Suitable for use in various electrical applications, including automotive, marine, and industrial applications.
  • Dual terminal design allows for multiple connections, reducing the need for additional hardware.


  • Reliable power distribution: The dual terminal stud set provides a reliable and efficient way to distribute power to multiple devices, ensuring consistent voltage and current across all connected devices.
  • Improved safety: The red and black color-coding helps prevent incorrect wiring, reducing the risk of electrical shock and other hazards.
  • Cost-effective: The dual terminal design eliminates the need for additional hardware, reducing installation and material costs.
  • Space-saving: The compact design of the dual terminal stud set saves space compared to traditional wiring methods.
  • Versatile: The dual terminal stud set can be used in various electrical applications, making it a versatile solution for power distribution needs.

Additional information

Max current:


Max voltage:


Terminal & hex nut material:

Stainless steel

Terminal diameter:

M8 (5/16 inch)

Base material:

Glass fiber reinforced nylon

Busbar material:

Tin-plated copper (1.0 x 13mm)

Weight (g):


Dimensions (mm) HxWxD:



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