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Coax Cable – RG6 (Quad-Shield) – Per Meter

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The RG6 Quad-Shield Coaxial Cable is a high-quality cable designed for use in a wide range of applications including cable television, satellite television, and broadband internet. This cable is commonly used in residential and commercial settings to connect antennas, cable modems, and other devices to a central distribution point.

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The RG6 Quad-Shield Coaxial Cable is constructed with four layers of shielding, which provides superior protection against interference from electromagnetic and radio frequency signals. This cable is designed to minimize signal loss and maximize signal quality, ensuring that your audio and video signals are delivered with clarity and precision.

This cable is made of high-quality materials, including a copper-clad steel center conductor, a foam polyethylene dielectric, and a PVC jacket. The cable has a nominal impedance of 75 ohms and a frequency range of up to 3 GHz, making it suitable for both analog and digital signals.

The cable is sold per meter, making it easy to order the exact length needed for a particular project. It is also easy to install, with a flexible design that allows it to be bent and routed around corners and obstacles.

The RG6 Quad-Shield Coaxial Cable is manufactured to meet strict quality standards and is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds industry requirements for performance and safety. It is a reliable and cost-effective choice for a wide range of applications where high-quality audio and video signals are essential.

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