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Clipsal MCB4-106 – Single Pole Circuit Breaker – 6A (4.5kA)

$9.00 (inc. GST)

The Clipsal 4 series range of circuit protection comes with everything you need for your residential, commercial or industrial switchboard requirements. Included are mcbs, rcds, mcb/rcd combinations, isolating switches, change over switches and busbar systems.The 10kA breaking capacity of these mcbs makes them ideal for commercial and industrial applications. This range has c-curve and d-curve characteristic to suit most applications.

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  • Unique new white finish for a fresh modern look
  • Base module = 18 mm wide. Compact standardised and consistent module dimensions
  • Lift-up terminals. Safer ‘no hot spot’ terminations and all cable strands are locked in
  • Cable automatically guided to the correct position: terminals with guard
  • Fast closure
  • The presence of the green strip guarantees physical opening of the contacts and allows operations to be performed on the downstream circuit in complete safety
  • Same housing as AC type MCBs. Uniformity in space requirements and installation
  • Superior, safe and reliable DC breaking per pole
  • Used with marine, telecommunications, solar power, emergency power, battery power
  • Excellent breaking capability for its compact size
  • 18 mm modular spacing

Additional information


81 mm


18 mm


78.5 mm

Relative humidity

95 % at 55 °C

Number of poles


[In] rated current

6 A

[Ue] rated operational voltage

240 V

Wire stripping length

13 mm

Net weight

115 g

Ambient air temperature for storage

-40…70 °C

Mechanical durability

20000 cycles

Electrical durability

20000 cycles

Ambient air temperature for operation

-25…70 °C