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Clipsal – Conduit – 50mm Medium Duty Grey – Full Length (4m)

$15.00 (inc. GST)

The Clipsal conduit product with 50mm diameter is a medium-duty, grey-colored tubing used to protect and route electrical wiring. The conduit is designed to provide a robust and durable solution for wiring protection in a range of settings, including commercial and industrial applications.

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This particular product comes in a full length of 4 meters, providing ample material for larger projects. The longer length can help reduce waste and allow for more efficient installation, as it means fewer cuts and connections are required.

The medium-duty rating of this conduit indicates that it is suitable for applications with moderate levels of stress and impact. It is ideal for use in environments where electrical wiring may be exposed to some level of physical strain, but not in environments with heavy machinery or high levels of vibration.

The grey color of the conduit allows it to blend in with a variety of surfaces and environments, providing a discreet and professional appearance. This product is part of the Clipsal range of electrical products and accessories, known for their quality and reliability.

Overall, the Clipsal conduit product with 50mm diameter, medium-duty, grey-colored tubing in a full length of 4 meters provides a robust and reliable solution for protecting and routing electrical wiring in a variety of settings, while also offering practical benefits such as reduced waste and efficient installation.

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