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Clipsal 4PS40CO – 1 Pole Change Over Switch – 40A, “Day/Off/Night”

$95.00 (inc. GST)

The Clipsal 4PS40AM is a 1 pole changeover switch with a current rating of 40A. The switch features three positions: “Aux”, “Off”, and “Man”

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The Clipsal 4PS40CO is a 1-pole changeover switch designed for use in various industrial and commercial applications. It has a current rating of 40A, which means it can handle a maximum current of 40 amperes. The switch features three positions: Day, Off, and Night, which are indicated on the switch.

In the Day position, the switch allows power to flow through the day circuit, while in the Off position, the circuit is completely disconnected. In the Night position, the switch is used to connect power to the night circuit, which is often used for security lighting or other low-level lighting applications.

The Clipsal 4PS40CO is a reliable and durable switch that meets industry standards and is built to last. It is a popular choice for use in a wide range of electrical equipment and applications, including lighting and motors.

Additional information

Range of product

Series 4

Product brand


Product or component type

switch disconnector

[Ue] rated operational voltage

<= 415="" v="">

Mounting support

DIN rail

EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

[In] rated current

40 A



Number of poles


IP degree of protection

front face: IP20

Package 1 Bare Product Quantity


Package 1 Height

2 cm

Package 1 Weight

103 g

Package 2 Height

0.7 cm

Package 2 Weight

1.2 kg

Package 3 Height

10.6 cm

Package 3 Weight

2.2 kg

Package 1 Width

9.3 cm

Unit Type of Package 2


Package 2 Width

9.5 cm

Unit Type of Package 3


Package 3 Width

18 cm

Package 1 Length

7.5 cm

Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Length

21.2 cm

Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Length

25.7 cm