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4.0mm Submersible Cable (Two Core & Earth) – Per Meter

$5.83 (inc. GST)

This cable for energy distribution is suitable for all types of low voltage industrial-type connections, in urban grids, building installations, ect. Its high flexibility makes the installation process substantially easier and as a result is particularly suitable for use in difficult layouts. It an be buried or installed in a tube as well as outdoors without requiring additional protection. Lastly, it can withstand damp conditions including total immersion in water.

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  • Submersible design: The cable is designed to be used in underwater or submersible applications, making it suitable for use in swimming pools, fountains, and other outdoor water features.
  • Moisture resistance: The cable is designed to withstand water and moisture, making it suitable for use in wet environments.
  • Two cores and earth configuration: The cable has two conductive wires for carrying electricity and a third wire for grounding, which helps ensure safety.
  • Size: The cable has a larger diameter of 4.0mm, allowing it to handle more electrical current than a 2.5mm or 1.5mm cable.

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