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35mm2 M8 Bellmouth

$5.00 (inc. GST)

Copper Cable Lugs are manufactured from fully annealed, 99.95% pure high conductivity copper and are electro-tin plated for superior corrosion resistance.

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A 35mm2 M8 bellmouth is a type of electrical accessory that is commonly used in electrical installations. It is designed to connect cables or wires with a cross-sectional area of 35mm2 to a terminal or other electrical component with an M8 thread.

The bellmouth is typically made of high-quality materials such as copper, brass or stainless steel, and features a flared opening that allows for easy insertion of cables or wires. This design also helps to reduce stress on the cable, preventing damage or failure over time.

The M8 thread on the other end of the bellmouth is used for connection to other electrical components such as busbars, circuit breakers or terminals. The thread is often coated with a rust-resistant material to ensure long-term durability and reliability.

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