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240mm2 M12

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240mm2 M12 refers to an electrical cable termination that is designed to accommodate a cable with a cross-sectional area of 240 square millimeters (mm2) and an M12 thread size. This type of cable termination is commonly used in power transmission and distribution systems.

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To use this cable termination, the cable is first stripped of its insulation and prepared for termination. The M12 cable termination is then threaded onto the cable end and secured using appropriate tools. The cable termination is then attached to the power system equipment, providing a reliable and safe electrical connection.

The 240mm2 M12 cable termination is designed to meet industry standards for safe and reliable electrical connections. It is typically used in applications that require a high level of electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, such as power transmission and distribution systems, industrial equipment, and other heavy-duty applications.

Overall, the 240mm2 M12 cable termination is a reliable and robust electrical termination that is widely used in a variety of industrial and power applications. Its high-quality construction and easy installation make it an essential component of many electrical systems, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

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