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1m Solar Lead – 4mm Twin, MC4 Connectors ONE End

$5.02 (inc. GST)

PGK MC4 1000V DC Type Connector Pair
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  • Efficiency: The 4mm twin wires are designed to minimize energy loss and provide high current-carrying capacity, which can help maximize the efficiency of your solar PV system.
  • Durability: The MC4 connectors are known for their durability and resistance to weather, UV radiation, and moisture. This can ensure a long lifespan for the cable and minimize maintenance costs.
  • Ease of installation: The pre-attached MC4 connector on one end of the cable can make it easier to install and connect to other components of your solar PV system, such as solar panels or inverters.
  • Safety: The cable is designed with safety in mind, and the MC4 connectors are designed to be secure and prevent electrical shock or fire hazards.

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