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16.0mm Twin & Earth TPS Cable – Per Meter

$11.00 (inc. GST)

This flat grey 16mm twin and earth cable is a well-constructed, quality cable that is easy to work with and perfect for lower current lighting circuits on a domestic re-wire. All our twin and earth cables confirm to the British Standard BS6004 and are BASEC-approved.

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  • 85A Current Rating
  • Nominal Overall Diameter 9.85 x 20mm
  • 2 Core & Earth Cable with Brown and Blue coloured cores with bare copper core for your earth
  • High quality solid copper cores, Insulated/Sheathed with Rigid, Harmonized Grey PVC.
  • Suitable for voltages up to a maximum voltage of 300/500V and maximum current of 16A
  • Suitable for Temperatures between 0°C and +70°C (Not recommended as an outdoor cable)

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Twin and Earth Cable

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