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10.0mm Solar Cable (Flexible, Black) – Single – Per Meter

$3.56 (inc. GST)

10mm SDI DC Solar Cable Per Metre
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The 10.0mm Solar Cable (Flexible, Black) - Single - Per Meter has several benefits:

  • Flexible: The cable is designed to be flexible, which makes it easy to install and maneuver around tight corners and angles.
  • Durable: The cable is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements, including heat, cold, and UV rays.
  • Efficient: The cable is designed to efficiently conduct electricity, which helps to reduce energy losses and increase the overall efficiency of your solar system.
  • Safe: The cable is designed to meet strict safety standards, which ensures that it is safe to use in your solar system.
  • Versatile: The cable can be used for a variety of different solar applications, including connecting solar panels to inverters, batteries, and charge controllers.

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