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1.5mm Orange Circular Cable (Three Core & Earth) – Per Meter

$2.25 (inc. GST)

The 1.5mm Orange Circular Cable (Three Core & Earth) is a type of electrical cable used for power and lighting circuits in residential and commercial buildings. It has a circular shape and is designed with three insulated cores for power transmission and a bare earth wire for safety.

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The cable has a voltage rating of 450/750 volts, making it suitable for use in both low and high voltage installations. The 1.5mm diameter of the conductor provides a good balance between electrical performance and flexibility, allowing for easy installation in tight spaces.

The orange color of the cable makes it easy to identify and differentiate from other cables, which is particularly useful when working on electrical installations with multiple cables.

This cable is sold by the meter, allowing you to purchase the exact length you need for your project. It is manufactured to comply with relevant Australian standards for electrical wiring, ensuring high quality and safety.

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Cable Size mm


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450/750 Volts

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3 Core & Earth