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1.3mm Low Voltage Cable (Two Core) – Per Meter

$1.98 (inc. GST)

The 1.3mm Low Voltage Cable with two cores is a versatile and durable cable designed for low voltage electrical applications. It is commonly used in power distribution, lighting, and control circuits in both residential and commercial settings.

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  • This cable features two insulated conductors, which are made of high-quality copper for excellent conductivity and durability. The insulation material is made of PVC, which provides good protection against moisture, heat, and abrasion. The cable has a nominal cross-sectional area of 1.3mm², which is suitable for carrying low voltage currents of up to 24 volts.

    The cable is sold per meter, making it easy to order the exact length needed for a particular project. It is also easy to install, with a flexible design that allows it to be bent and routed around corners and obstacles.

    This cable is manufactured to meet strict quality standards and is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds industry requirements for performance and safety. It is a reliable and cost-effective choice for low voltage electrical applications where durability and performance are critical.

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