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Having a quality generator from a reputable company is always our first choice. But how do we know whether the company is right for us or whether the products are high-quality? The simplest way to do this is to look at an online review of the company or ask your family and friends about the generator they have.

In a crowd of numerous companies, Pramac sells some of the best quality generators to its customers. In this article, we will look at the Pramac generator review so that you don’t have to struggle while choosing a company. So Let’s dig in!

Pramac- An Overview

The Campinoti family started this company as a construction equipment manufacturer in 1966. It is an Italian company. By integrating early innovations into its products, Pramac has become a global leader in generators and warehouse material handling equipment. The company has 16 subsidiaries and seven manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, and South America. Pramac is present in more than 150 countries around the world.

You may have heard of Pramac via the Pramac Racing team in the MotoGP World Championship. Since partnering with Ducati in 2005, Pramac Racing has won several trophies, including the Constructor Champions title in 2021. The Pramac company manufactures and sells various material-handling equipment and generators.

Top Features of Pramac generators

Powerful Output 

 Inverse generators are typically quieter than Pramac available gasoline generators, even with their large mufflers. If you use it at home, make sure it won’t disturb your neighbours if you use it in a quiet area. 

Fuel Tanks With Large Capacity

A 40L fuel tank is standard on the 8kVA and 9kVA models, as is a built-in RCD safety switch for OH&S-mandated protection from electric shock. 

Running Time Is Long

 If you need power for an extended period, the 7kVA and 9kVA generators are designed to run at 100% load for 14 hours. In addition to electric starts, these models are also available with manual starts.

Types Of Generators At Pramac

When doing a Pramac generator review, it is essential to consider the types of generators the company offers. Pramac offers two types of generators in terms of mobility:


Powered by a gasoline engine, portable generators produce electricity through an onboard alternator. Extension cords, electric tools and appliances can be plugged into the power outlets on the unit. Pramac offers portable generator options if you have to change places or go camping. After moving to a different city with quality portable generators, you don’t have to worry about generator installation and reinstallation.


If you are viewing Pramac generator reviews to buy a stationary generator, you are at the right place. Stationary generators automatically start if there is an outage of electricity. Natural gas or propane provides them power, so fuel does not need to be stored. The installation of stationary generators is often subject to a municipal permit in addition to their high costs. Thus if you have an office or you need a permanent generator for commercial use, you can choose 

Pramac Generator Series (P/E/ES/EX/S/SP/X)

The Pramac generators, both portable and stationary, are further classified into various series. Let’s have a look at them: 

P Series 

Pramac P inverter generators are a clean, stable way to power sensitive electronics. This is the most popular and in-demand series of Pramac. 

There are several advantages to using them.

Easy To Carry

There is nothing more important than convenience. P series generators are portable so that you can move them quickly.

Fuel Efficient

P series is known for its fuel efficiency. They do not consume much fuel, which can save a lot of costs.

Low-Noise Level

Loud generators are a pain for the ears and peace; thus, the P series introduces low-noise level generators so you can have a mindful sleep.

E Series  

The Pramac E series – light, compact generators with a basic configuration and very easy to transport: the best balance between price and performance for professional use.


E-series generators are lightweight, making them most desirable for miniature use.


Like other generators’ variety, the E series also consists of efficient generators.

ES Series 

ES series generators from Pramac feature a generous fuel tank and a basic configuration, making them very compact. An economical solution for professional users, this power supply lasts for a long time.


ES series consist of some heavy-duty generators with compact size, so you do not have to worry about space anymore.

Long Running

ES series generators are long-running, durable and reliable.

S Series

With the Pramac S series, you get a complete portable generator package made in Europe with superior components for professionals.

These are robust home backup generators with features like Auto Start, a long-range fuel tank, a reliable, economical engine, and a long-range fuel tank.

The S series has the following features:

  • Petrol is the fuel of choice for most
  • When the power goes out, they all have an Auto Start feature, so you don’t have to worry about starting them manually
  • With digital displays on the control panel, they offer a full range of features
  • A long-run fuel tank is included in these generators

SP Series 

This premium generator series includes IP54 electric protection and an automatic voltage regulator, which combine all the main features of a high-quality generator in one unit. SP series has some of the most potent generators for extensive use. Thus, if you are looking for a professional generator, you can choose one from this series.

X Series 

X series consists of generators that can bear the load of intensive appliances. It has been designed for intensive application and has the following qualities:


It has a functional unit that converts fuel energy into electricity without causing much power loss.


It is a myth that one big generator is required for intensive applications. The myth is busted with the Pramac X series, as it can power heavy appliances while being smaller.

Efficient And Reliable

The X series generators are efficient and reliable and can last for a long time.

Pramac Inverter Generators

Inverters produce direct current power and convert it into alternating current power using digital electronics. Computers, televisions, digital devices, smartphones, and other delicate equipment and electronics with microprocessors benefit from higher quality, more consistent power that is safer and more reliable. 

A standard generator with the same wattage is much noisier and heavier than an inverter generator. Pramac has some top-notch inverter generators for its customers. Thus, after reading this Pramac generator review, head straight to the store and buy one that matches your needs!

What do Customers Have To Say?

One of the customers states his experience with the Pramac generator. He left a Pramac generator review saying, “On a positive note, it does seem to be a good quality product – smart looking unit & seemingly well built. Delivery was quick, and it came with handy accessories such as a funnel, a supply of engine oil, a correctly sized screwdriver and a spark plug wrench.”

This Pramac review might enable you to make the right choice!

Pramac Generator Pricing

It is possible to find cheaper generators compared to Pramac generators. If you need a backup generator for your home, having the cheapest model on the market is not necessary. Your top priority is a reliable, economical, robust, and well-performing product.

Buying a Pramac generator means getting just that kind of power. With the innovation and support of a renowned global brand, Pramac generators are made with high-quality engines and components.

For example, you’ll have to budget at least $7000 for the top-of-the-line Pramac 11.9kVA. Be sure to factor in the cost of backup accessories as well.

Despite the price differences, Pramac inverter generators offer excellent value. For just over $1000, you can buy the 2200i – significant savings over Yamahas and Hondas.

Is Pramac A Good Brand?

With great credibility for innovation and quality, Pramac has been an industry leader for more than 50 years in generators, outdoor equipment, lighting towers and motor pumps. It has numerous options for generators and other power products that meet your needs. With this Pramac generator review, it will be apparent that Pramac is one of the most trusted brands for generators and power products.

Our Verdict On Pramac Generator

Pramac has what you need, whether a home backup generator or a small business generator.

In addition to a long-run fuel tank and automatic start functionality, the Pramac generator has silencing for added peace of mind. With solar power backing up Pramac generators, it’s no wonder they work so well. This Pramac generator review aims to make your life easier when choosing a good generator company.